The shit we do as parents…


I was always pretty crap at sleep schedules. Except for my firstborn; I followed the manual for that one by the book.

Not now.

Now we break all the rules. And I don’t care. Cos I love my babies. They need me, so I’m there.

They still climb into bed in the middle of the night and instead of yelling at them to go back to their own beds, I move over and spoon them.

Trying to put them back into their dark, lonely rooms is too much for some little ones, and keeping them on a schedule was just too draining for all of us.

And now that we’ve embraced our little monkeys, cherishing every last chubby cuddle, we haven’t been happier. Both us and them.

And so this is how I am currently putting my girls to bed.

Yes they both have to be holding me – equally. To do this I put a mattress on the floor and they snuggle up to my feet.

They both go straight to sleep while I listen to YouTube and watch their little faces float into dream land.

If you’re a schedule mum who now just kisses your kids goodnight and walks out, I applaud you! And wish I could have got my kids to do that! But if your kids fall asleep on the couch or holding a leg or a boob then that’s amazing too!!

We all roll differently. Just do you!


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