When you experience pain shaming

Story from The Mighty by Penny Shipway

Young woman on the embankment of the river in Bangkok.

I want to talk about an experience I call “pain-shaming”.



One thought on “When you experience pain shaming

  1. Thank you so much for writing this article.
    I cried even more reading it after just getting back from st george hospital where i am at the chronic pain unit on strong doses of medicine, which currently is not working. i wake every two hours in pain.
    I am a mother and have suffered chronic pelvic pain and inflammation for the past 8 years, which has progressivley gotten worse. I suspected i had endemetriosis at the age of 21 and went to see The St Vincent Private Hospital’s best gynocologist for endometriosis he told me to keep taking the pill. I was left to cope on my own without medicine. I have been treated disgracefully by the health department and the drs and receptionist “PAIN SHAMING” me when i have lost over 20kg’s, my hair has fallen out and i am no longer able to drive, have sex or walk most days without feeling pain.
    I now see the St george Chronic Pain Management team, after 10 years of feeling agony i could no longer do it and after a laproscopy i paid thousands in cash for as this is not deemed a medical emergency in australia.
    Womens chronic pain is now referred to Womens Health AND Research Institute in Australia and i finfd it pointless going to the hospital when i am vomiting and unable to control my bladder
    After 10 years of agony reocurring every 2 hours and the health system sending me on a wild goose chase for hip pain colonoscopys endoscopys, cancer tests, cat scans, psychologists, medicine, antidepressents, i had the fibal straw THIS IS REAL CHRONIC PAIN NOT EMOTIONAL.
    The laproscopy found after 10 years plus of me crying and loosing my hair, health relationships and jobs, that my Bowel had attatched to my utereus casing chronic pain every time i walked or even coughed. after the webbing has been severed the pain every time i go to the toilet has left me dbilitated embarrassed and iunable to walk, My lips turn blue and my feet feel like ice and i begin to sweat immmensly i scream and cry like nails and daggers are being pulled through my veins like elastic bands snapping inside my groin and down my leg into my back.
    My life has become ruined. I waa working on television in japan and became like a cripple unable to do anything in pain. I have sacrificed everything in order to get better in my home country. And then I go to the hospital ST GEORGE which i was BORN IN and they pain shame me and wont let me have bed, when i told them i had full box of medicine, it was not working over the phone they said to come in, they are completely ignorant and arrogant to women and chronic pain related to medicine. They have no idea what it is like to be completely debilitated in pain and to have people who are meant to be professional looking down on you like they are on some high n mighty white horse.
    I have a daughter to look after . i long to pick her up and swing around with the wind in her hair. I hate that i had to stop breast feeding for the medicine. i hate that i am in pain. i am sick of being sick and not hear. i do not do this for shits and giggles either,
    thankyou so much FINALLY A NAME for pain shaming!


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