I had a dream


I had a dream last night. I dreamed about a place in the local community; just a clearing of grass (this one was in front of a few shops and overlooking an AFL field) with a coffee stand, a few barrels of hay and a cheery Reverend who just wanted to listen. A place where you could go, grab a warm drink and talk to people. A place where people of all size, age and colour were welcome to come and share what was going on in their day. What’s on their mind. With suicide one of the leading killers in Australia, why aren’t there cosy places of refuge like these all around town? Where mums who have just had babies can push their prams up and talk to other sleep-deprived parents? Where old people who may have become isolated from society for whatever reason can come out into the sunshine for a biscuit and a chat. To play with the little kids. To hold a chubby hand. Shed a tear about their life experiences. A place to share. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all could have that coffee stand, a cheery Reverend, or better still – a sprinkling of volunteers or counsellors – and a few barrels of hay in every town? It doesn’t seem like much to ask. I will be sending an email to my local councillor about the possibilities of something like this and perhaps you can to? Have a great day guys xx
Pic credit: boho-weddings.com


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