I swear with my kids and we’re cool with that

By Penny Shipway from Queens of Constance – Constance Hall


OK I’d be lying to say that I don’t cringe completely at that headline. And I’m pretty sure my husband may not actually side with me entirely.

But can we all at least establish that if I was to cry, “oh f*ck it!” at the school playground every single parent’s head would turn and give me, probably, a very puzzled look.

“Did she just say what I think she said?” they would say. “Did she really just go there?” they’d debate and walk off hurriedly hoping I might just vanish into thin air.

Of course I’ve never cried “oh f*ck it!” in the schoolyard (I save that one for when I’m wiping up Weet-Bix smeared over the entire kitchen floor).

But what I do know for a fact is that swearing is still a big old taboo and if an unsavoury type (like me) dared to even utter one of those boorish phraseologies within ear shot of one of my children (oopsy!) I would to this day be considered a rather unpleasant, foul-mouthed mother.

A few years ago I decided to test the waters to see where my friends were at with their kids’ swearing levels. I figured I could make this embarrassing admission within the safety net of a tight clique at a casual barbecue.



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