"I had an orgasm while I was giving birth"

Story from The Motherish by Penny Shipway

We were driving to our local farmer’s market when my friend Michelle dropped the bombshell that she had an orgasm during labour.
I almost drove us off the road.
“I said to my husband, I think I’m going to come!” Michelle said.
“What!?” I said.
Michelle revealed to me that she hadn’t told too many people about this scientific phenomenon because she was unsure of how it would be received.
It’s not quite the sensation you would envisage while birthing your beloved offspring. I laughed and told her, “Well while you were orgasming during labour, I was yelling ‘this is so f***ed!’” Because, let’s face it, birth is not usually synonymous with having a good time. But what my friend says is absolutely true. Orgasming during labour is a thing.

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