A letter to my neighbour

Story from Mamamia by Penny Shipway

To the woman over the road.

I’m sorry I had to call the cops to your house yesterday. I heard you tell them you were embarrassed.
Don’t be.
Domestic violence in Australia is real. And when I heard you and your partner arguing and screaming out on our street, I panicked.
I bet you wouldn’t believe this, but I cried. In fact, my heart was racing so fast.
I raced out the front of my house and stood behind the shrub peering out to see if you were going to be OK. I saw your partner trying to leave in his car and you were trying to stop him by leaning into his car window.
He tried to drag you along, but you kept screaming at him.
I heard you say, “I love you, don’t leave us.”
Then I heard you say, “Don’t punch me in the throat!”

domestic violence letter

You then said something that really scared me. You said, “If you leave I am going to do something really stupid!”



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