"I have become that woman who yells at her children"

Story from mamamia.com.au by Penny Shipway

I have become that woman.
You know the one. She lives two doors down and she yells at her children.
Until a few months ago I hated that woman. Despised her actually. May have even called out the window to her once or twice, telling her to stop abusing her kids.
Don’t think she heard, though. Too busy yelling at her children.
But things have changed in our house lately. I have changed.

I say proud because I love her unconditionally. And boy does she make me laugh. My friends think she’s terribly cute.
But when she isn’t being cute, she is terrible.
I don’t think anyone can really explain why a toddler’s tantruming is so upsetting to a parent, unless you have parented yourself.
(photo credit: blindgossip.com)


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